Community Connections
Waterfront Developments and Community Festivals
The Mississippi River as Community
America's Waterway is attempting to unify the Mississippi River community using the internet and social networking to overcome geographic and cost barriers that have limited its unification in the past. It's our belief - and that of the National Science Council - that unified approaches are better able to address a whole-River system than the disjointed approaches that have predominated throughout its history. We're going to see if that isn't possible in this era of internet engagement and mobilization. Read More
Mississippi River Festivals Celebrate the People-Water Connection
From the Headwaters to the Delta, Mississippi River people love to celebrate their connections to the River. Communities may have different ways of showing their connection to the River, but this summer’s crop of festivals shares one thing – the tie between local people, the River and their lives. Read More
Waterfront Developments Add Zest to Mississippi River Towns
If you think Mississippi River towns are each unique, you’re right in many respects. But many Mississippi River towns now share something in common: their love of the River. This has resulted in extensive efforts to redesign riverfronts from New Orleans to Memphis, and from Dubuque to Minneapolis. Read More
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